Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification Course Please Sign up for 3 for 1 Bundle by Deep Change Leadership Team

Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification Course Please Sign up for 3 for 1 Bundle

Spiritual Intelligence (SQ) is "the ability to behave with wisdom and compassion, while maintaining inner and outer peace, regardless of the situation." It is composed of 21 skills which can be assessed and developed.
         The Certification Class is intended to train coaches, consultants, therapists, ministers and faith leaders, and others who are interested in utilizing The SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Assessment, tools and framework. 


In todays complex world, leaders need the skills that only Spiritual Intelligence can give them. SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence is a process and body of knowledge that transcends most leadership courses and provides an ethical, global perspective that can help leaders excel. What was most valuable was learning the full SQ21 picture and having the chance to dig deeply into a few of the skills. Also the examples of how to coach and teach the Spiritual Intelligence content that is so important.
Gloria Feldt, Co-Founder & President, Take The Lead
Languaging Spirituality for the world through the SQ21 matrix is powerful tool toward peace. Peace within yourself and peace between people, cultures, religions and countries. More Please! Thank you Cindy for expanding our vocabulary in this way. This course provided a safe and supportive environment for speaking deeply from the heart and leaning in.
Leah Hudson
What I liked most about the class was…the community of everyone in the class, there was a lot of mastery and depth. I appreciated the vulnerability, mastery and depth of the instructors, Cindy, Veronika and Debbie. What was most valuable was the practice of debriefing the assessment and understanding levels, stages and lines of development. Thank you from the depths of my being!
Sandye Brown, CEO Wide Awake, Inc.

What's included?

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Welcome to the SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification
Welcome to the Certification Course.mp4
5 mins
Welcome, License Agreement & ICF CCEUs
SQ21 Coaching license agreement Digital 2018.pdf
119 KB
Pre-Work Quiz for Certification Course
Dates for Live Classes Announced Here
AQAL Chart 10.6.pdf
14.7 MB
AQAL Chart page 2 10 2.pdf
3.98 MB
Spiritual Intelligence Module 1
Module 1
SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification PowerPoint Slides
12.9 MB
SQ21 Cindy begins to talk about Spiritual Intelligence & Spiritual Leader Traits
(1h 17m 57s)
Building Emotional Self-Awarness Exercise
636 KB
Module 2- Spiritual Intelligence Model and Beginning to Learn Scoring of SQ21 Assessment
Module 2
SQ21 Model of Spiritual Intelligence with Cindy
(1h 13m 08s)
How the Scoring for the SQ21 Assessment works by Steve Sphar, JD, ACC
3 mins
Tab 3-SQ21 Scoring Matrix
668 KB
SQ21 Model & Quadrant 1 Overview
7 mins
SQ21 Skill 1 Awareness of Own Worldview & Learning the Scoring
28 mins
Glossary of Terms
199 KB
SQ21 Scoring Likert Scale.pdf
510 KB
SQ21 Assessment Coaching Quick Reference Guide .docx
71.9 KB
Module 3 - What is Coaching ICF Guidelines, Coaching Models, Demonstrations of SQ21 Coaching
What is Coaching, Coaching vs Psychotherapy and Spiritual Direction & Coaching Models by Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD, PCC
32 mins
The Ineffective Coach Demonstration with Debbie delaCuesta, LCSW, BCC and Steve Sphar, JD, ACC
10 mins
Setting up an SQ21 Assessment Debrief with A Client who is not happy with their scores
26 mins
Homework on Scoring #1 End Module 3
14.1 KB
Skill Development Document.pdf
200 KB
SQ21 Module 4 - Quad 1: Self/self Awareness
Module 4 - Quadrant 1 Skills 2-5
SQ21 - Skill 2 Awareness of Life Purpose
7 mins
Skill Development Resource
200 KB
SQ21 Skill 3 Awareness of Values Hierarchy
11 mins
SQ21 Skill 4 - Complexity of Inner Thought
39 mins
SQ21 Skill 5- Awareness of Ego self/Higher Self
32 mins
2020-9-2 Live SQ21 class
28 mins
SQ21 Module 5- Quadrant 2 Universal Awareness
Module 5
SQ21 Universal Awareness Overview & Skill 6 Awareness of Interconnectedness of Life
6 mins
How Wolves Change Rivers
5 mins
SQ21 Skill 7 Awareness of Worldview of Others
10 mins
SQ21 Skill 8 Breadth of Time Perception
5 mins
SQ21 Skill 9 Awareness of Limitations/Power of Human Perception
7 mins
SQ21 Skill 10 Awareness of Spiritual Laws
19 mins
SQ21 Skill 11 Awareness of Transcendent Oneness
10 mins
SQ21 Module 5- Quadrant 3 Self/self Mastery
Module 5
SQ21 Skills 12 Commitment to Spiritual Growth
20 mins
SQ21 Skill 12 Jane's Story with this Skill
5 mins
SQ21 Skill 13 Keeping Higher Self in Charge
37 mins
SQ21 Skill 14 Living Your Purpose and Values
8 mins
SQ21 Skill 15 Sustaining Faith Even During Tough Times
11 mins
SQ21 Skill 15 Part 2 Reframing, Tough Times & Resilience
15 mins
SQ21 Skill 15 Part 3 Cindy's Story on Tough Times & Polarity Maps
31 mins
SQ21 Skill 16 Seeking Guidance from Higher Self
17 mins
SQ21 Module 6- Quadrant 4 Social Mastery/Spiritual Presence
Social Mastery/Spiritual Presence SQ21 Skills 17-21
SQ21 Skill 17 Being a Wise and Effective Teacher
9 mins
SQ21 Skill 18 Being a Wise and Effective Leader/Change Agent
20 mins
SQ21 Skill 19 Making Compassionate and Wise Decisions
22 mins
SQ21 Skill 20 Being a Calm and Healing Presence
20 mins
SQ21 Skill 21 Being Aligned with the Ebb and Flow of Life
11 mins
Special Questions To Address
3 mins
Cindy's SOUL Practice
27 mins
Module 7 - Getting Certified as a SQ21 Spiritual Intelligence Coach
Getting Certified Next Steps
Ordering Instructions for SQ21 Assessments 10-6-13 50%.mov
10 mins
SQ21 Assessment Coaching Quick Reference Guide by Veronika
105 KB
Coaching To Zeros
SQ21 Debriefing Best Practices
Evaluation Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification Course Evaluation.doc
223 KB