Emotional Intelligence: Foundations of Spiritual Intelligence SQ21 Course $97 75% OFF NOW by Deep Change Leadership Team

Emotional Intelligence: Foundations of Spiritual Intelligence SQ21 Course $97 75% OFF NOW

Instructor: Cindy Wigglesworth Emotional Intelligence is a stand alone course as well as the foundational class for the Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification Course. You will learn more about Emotional Intelligence and why it is important to our success in life and work. If you would like to purchase the entire Spiritual Intelligence Coaches Certification you can purchase the bundled course.

What's included?

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Welcome to the course!
Welcome Video with Veronika Tracy-Smith, PhD
4 mins
Integral Theory
Introduction & Integral Theory by Cindy Wigglesworth
8.71 MB
A Brief Introduction to Integral Theory
19 mins
Quiz for Integral Theory
Multiple Intelligence
Multiple Intelligence by Cindy Wigglesworth
18.3 MB
Introduction Multiple Intelligence
32 mins
Multiple Intelligence Quiz
Emotional Intelligence Part 1- Intro & Background
The Background on Emotional Intelligence by Cindy Wigglesworth
5.49 MB
Background of Emotional Intelligence
13 mins
Emotional Awareness Exercise Handout for Pictures Led by Steve Sphar
32.9 KB
Emotional Awareness Exercise Led by Steve Sphar
8 mins
Building Emotional Self-Awareness Exercise.pdf
636 KB
Background on Emotional Intelligence
Emotional Intelligence Part 2 - Deeper Dive
Emotional Intelligence A Deeper Dive.pdf
652 KB
Emotional Intelligence as Foundational to Spiritual Intelligence
46 mins
Daniel Goldman TED Talk on Compassion
RSA ANIMATE: Empathy and Mirror Neurons - The Empathic Civilisation
Comments on Goldman Video Compassion and Self-Awareness Exercise Instructions
12 mins
3 Types of Empathy
Empathy vs. Compassion
Comments After Empathy vs Compassion Video
2 mins
Daniel Goleman FULL INTERVIEW with Anthony Gell
Emotional Intelligence A Deeper Dive
Emotional Intelligence Part 3 - Assessments
Emotional Intelligence Resources
Cindy Wigglesworth on Talentsmart EQ Tool From SQ Conference.mp4_HD
30 mins
Barry Smith on ESCI EQ Tool From SQ Conference.mp4_HD
13 mins
Veronika Tracy-Smith on the EQi-2.0 EQ Tool From SQ Conference.mp4_HD
20 mins
EQ Resources
18.8 KB
Pre-Work Quiz for SQ21 Coaches Certification Course - ONLY for those taking the SQ21 Coaches Certification
Quiz Needed For Entrance into SQ21 Coaches Certification Course
SQ21 Coaching License Agreement
SQ21 Coaching license agreement Digital 2018.pdf
119 KB